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Getting ready to paint your kids bedroom can take a lot of planning and a great deal of moving things around. Luckily, there are terrific painting services available to make this an easy process!

Below are a few things to consider when choosing 

  • paint type
  • paint finish
  • paint color

Paint Type

Search for paints with a low VOC (volatile organic compound) rating. Be aware that this rating is only in comparison to other paints. Milk paints and clay paints are a good option to reduce VOC exposure.

Also, be sure to remove or mask as many soft goods as possible and to keep air moving through the room you’re painting. Your paint serving experts can help you reduce fume exposure in the rest of your home.

Paint Finish

The paint finish in your child’s room should be either a semi-gloss or a satin finish. Not only will this surface be easier to wash, but satin is a great option if walls have take some abuse, as it will mask imperfections.

Your Lake Worth painting company can help you find the best finishes for both walls and trim before you purchase paint.

Paint Colors

When it’s time to pick colors, be sure to choose shades that will age with your child. For example, pale yellow is lovely for a nursery but may not age well for a little boy. Bubble gum pink may be your daughter’s first choice, but this color may be too intense as she ages.

Consider choosing three paint colors for the space:

  • wall color
  • accent color
  • trim color

The wall color will be predominant, so this is a good choice for a shade that will age well. Your child can choose the accent color, which can be used sparingly if it’s a bit bright. The trim color will provide a successful backdrop for both accent and wall color.

For example, a built-in bookcase coated in trim paint will stand out against the wall paint, and you can add the accent color at the back of the shelves. Your child’s keepsakes will stand out against that accent color.

Don’t limit yourself to pink and blue. Jungle tones, desert tones and candy tones, such as one might find in an Easter basket, are all great options for a child’s bedroom.

Also, don’t stop at paint! A bright bedspread, colorful rug or eye-catching poster is a great way to add a pop of a child’s favorite color. These accents can be changed out as they grow.

Final Thoughts

Your child’s bedroom should be a spot both for fun and for rest. With a wall color that will grow with them, a quality trim paint and a fun accent color, you can build a beautiful and personalized palette for your child to enjoy and make their own.

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