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Popcorn ceilings are found in many homes in Florida. It is common for homeowners to wish to get rid of these ceilings to modernize their home and keep it safe. If you are interested in popcorn ceiling removal, it can be tempting to take care of it yourself, but you should trust a professional. Have Paintbrush Will Travel is your trusted source. We can help you take care of your ceiling properly.

Why Popcorn Ceiling Removal is Worth It

There are many reasons why homeowners may be interested in removing their popcorn ceilings. The truth of it is that, while these ceilings used to be the norm for many homes, they are now out-of-date. They carry with them many risks, including asbestos. If the ceiling is damaged, removing the popcorn ceiling can be critical in keeping the home safe.

Besides the risk for asbestos, removing a popcorn ceiling can also be helpful for keeping the home clean. Popcorn ceiling can attract dust and it can be very difficult to clean, so removing it all together can make taking care of the home easier. Along with that, it is expected that popcorn ceilings will start to disintegrate eventually. This can cause more mess, and it can be better for many people to simply remove the ceiling rather than deal with fallout as the ceiling continues to fall.

Aside from practical reasons, getting rid of a popcorn ceiling can also be an aesthetic choice. Popcorn ceilings were popular several decades ago and it is no surprise that many homes can look dated when they have popcorn ceilings. As a result, many homeowners can choose to remove them in order to make their space look more modern. Not only will the removal make the space look less dated, but it will also help to amplify the lighting in a more flattering way.

What a Professional Can Offer

Popcorn ceiling removal can have many negative effects if it is not done by a professional. Only someone with experience can remove your popcorn ceiling and keep your home safe. This is especially true with homes that are older. Older homes can have added risks when removing popcorn ceilings that can only be taken care of by someone who knows what they are doing. At Have Paintbrush Will Travel, we cover the furniture, remove the popcorn texture, and leave a fresh coat of paint so that your ceiling looks better than ever.

Contact Have Paintbrush Will Travel

If you are interested in popcorn ceiling removal, don’t settle for doing it yourself. Having a professional take care of your removal will prevent it from being done improperly, and it will ensure that you and your loved ones stay safe. Have Paintbrush Will Travel is the answer to your problems. We can take care of your popcorn ceiling removal with the proper care and tools. Contact us today if you would like to learn more about what we can do for you.

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