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Do you cringe every time you look up at your home’s popcorn ceiling? The heavily textured surface can make any room look old and outdated. Removing that texture will make the room look a lot better. Will popcorn ceiling removal increase your home’s value?

In short, removing a popcorn ceiling can increase your home value. However, particular circumstances can affect its impact.

Removing popcorn ceilings from a smaller home may not be a good use of renovation money. As long as it’s in good condition, a fresh coat of paint may be the better option due to cost. Smaller homes are cheaper to renovate, and buyers may not see the ceiling texture as a major issue.

If you want to sell your home quickly, removing the popcorn texture may be a good investment. Homebuyers will make offers on homes that need no work. It could be the difference between the home sitting on the market or getting sold within a few days.

The property’s condition and appearance also need to be considered. If your home is in good repair and has a fresh coat of paint, most buyers won’t be bothered by a popcorn ceiling. However, if the property needs renovations, the popcorn texture is just one more thing a buyer may have to deal with.

What Exactly Is a Popcorn Ceiling?

Often called an acoustic ceiling or a textured ceiling, popcorn ceilings gained popularity in the 1950s and 1960s. They were touted as a way to keep sound from traveling from one room to another. Builders quickly learned the heavy texture offered an easy way to cover up imperfections in the ceiling surface.

The texture of this finish was originally made from white asbestos fibers. They were mixed with paint and sprayed or rolled onto the ceiling. The use of asbestos fibers was banned through the Clean Air Act. However, manufacturers and contractors were allowed to use up existing inventories of asbestos fibers.

Ceilings textured into the 1980s could include asbestos fibers. These fibers pose a health risk to anyone trying to remove the texture. Newer popcorn ceilings are created using paper-based or Styrofoam products.

Why Should You Consider Removing the Popcorn Texture?

If the popcorn texture is in good condition, you may be wondering why you should think about removing it. There are actually a number of reasons:

  • Outdated Appearance – Today’s design aesthetic embraces clean lines and clear surfaces. A heavily textured ceiling is not appealing to the modern home buyer. It dates the space, even if it’s contemporary in design.
  • Potentially Hazardous – Ceilings textured from the 1950s to the 1980s have the potential of being made from asbestos fibers. According to the experts, if the surface is encased in a good layer of paint, it should be safe. But, how long will it remain in good condition?
  • Condition – Even if the ceiling was put up 30 years ago, it’s condition may be questionable. You may have bald spots where repairs were made. The texture may be loose in other areas.
  • Cleaning – One of the biggest difficulties with having a popcorn ceiling is the fact that it is hard to keep clean. You can’t wash it down. Dust often clings to the larger texture lumps. Sometimes the only way to make it look clean is to repaint it.

How Are Popcorn Ceilings Removed?

The process of removing the popcorn texture is dirty and often difficult. It can leave behind a big mess and take more time than you think.

A basic removal involves covering all the furniture and floors with plastic. The covering prevents the fine dust from settling into fabrics and floor cracks. After that, the ceiling gets sprayed down with water to soften the material. The next step is scraping the surface to remove the texturing.

Once the texture is gone, the homeowner needs to decide what to do with the smoother ceiling surface. The removal process leaves behind a somewhat rough surface. It can be painted or resurfaced with a finer texture that’s outdated or as heavy.

The removal of a popcorn ceiling should be left to the professionals. While the removal process seems easy, professionals can do the job faster and more efficiently. They have the tools and experience to get the job done without causing excessive damage to the underlying ceiling surface.

When you are ready to remove those dated popcorn ceilings, give Have Paint Brush Will Travel a call. We know the fastest, cleanest ways to remove that heavy texture. We have proudly served both Broward and Palm Beach Counties since 2005.

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