Most real estate agents and designers will agree that adding a new paint coat to your house is the most affordable way to boost the value of your home. Based on consumer reports, a paint job can increase the value of your home by 2-5%.

If you are planning to add a new coat of paint for your gratification, it is up to you to go for colors that match your needs and preferences. On the other hand, if you are looking into boosting your home’s curb appeal, you may need to consider colors that will impress potential buyers. Of course, our residential painters can help you choose the best colors for you.

First Impression With the Buyer

First impressions matter and a fresh coat of paints on houses give them a whole new look. Well-kept and clean homes will always attract buyers and sell faster at a higher value. A good first impression helps home buyers to believe that the property is well taken care of, and they feel safer with their decision to purchase the property. Unpleasant homes make buyers to offer lower prices or walk away.

Both Interior and Exterior Painting Can Lead to a High Return on Investment.

The house’s exterior is the first thing buyers see. It is important to ensure that the front of your home is appealing. Painting the outer walls with the right colors makes it stand out from the rest. Bear in mind that people have different tastes, so neutral colors are the best so that they can appeal to a wide range of potential buyers.

Peeling paint and cracks on walls makes buyers think there may be more flaws lurking below the surface hence lose confidence in your property. Wallpapers are turn-offs for most potential buyers because of their busy patterns that make the house seem old-fashioned.

Neutral Colors are Always the Best Bet

Light neutral colors attract most buyers as they want colors that can match with their furniture. We recommend choosing warm, neutral colors for the exterior and interior of the house on sale. You can have painters in the West Palm Beach, FL area, like Have Paint Brush Will Travel, to help in customizing the look with more bold colors. The best colors to consider are gray, beige, off-white, and soft blues. However, it is also essential to choose a color that matches the design and location of the house.

Paint Covers Blemishes

A new painting increases the home value by covering holes, scratches, and dings that can quickly put off the clients. Before painting, you should fill in the holes on the walls to make them as even as possible. The fresh coat takes the focus off the flaws. It also helps to cover up any odors in the house.

Fresh Paint for Better Home Value

At Have Paintbrush, we offer reliable and flexible professional residential and commercial painting services. With our expertise and attention to detail, we provide the best look that will attract higher resale value. We offer quality and cost-effective painting services in West Palm Beach, FL, and beyond. Click here for a free quote or call 561-502-3722 today to give your home a brilliant look.

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