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When you consider all of the remodeling options a home might benefit from, a fresh paint job is one of the easiest choices. A new color and paintbrushes are the basic tools of the trade. In fact, you can add real value to a home by hiring a painter and focusing on specific areas. Explore the features that welcome a fresh color so that your home can look spectacular every day of the year.

Begin With Proper Color Choices

Your home may have some bold colors on either the interior or exterior. As you contemplate hiring a Lake Worth painting company, also mull over the color palette that might work for the property. Ideally, neutral colors are the smartest selections. They match with nearly any decor style. In short, homebuyers are simply attracted to basic colors that they don’t have to repaint themselves.

Neutral colors include white, beige, cream and other associated hues. You can even go as far as using a grey palette. The majority of the home’s colors should be neutral in order to attract buyers.

This strategy doesn’t mean that the home has to have a boring appearance. Add in bold colors for effect, such as painting the front door a bright blue. Spruce up the molding and trim with fresh white paint too. The rest of the home will stand out as a clean property that wants to be bought.

Focusing on Exterior Elements

Speak to a Lake Worth painting company professional about your home’s exterior color. Painting the siding may be a great way to spruce up the property’s curb appeal. This choice depends on the siding’s type, however.

You have other options with color if the exterior is attractive already. Painting the trim or the front door are great places to start. Remember that the front door and surrounding porch are the first things that buyers see as they enter the house. You might even add new door hardware or potted plants around the freshly painted trim to further improve the curb appeal.

Pinpointing Interior Updates

Resorting to painting every room in the home can get expensive and time-consuming. Any painting services professionals would advise their clients to pick and choose the rooms that must be painted. Focus on the bathrooms and kitchen. All of these walls will probably need a fresh coat of paint. Moisture, heat, and grease will all weather the color over time.

The remaining walls in the home don’t have to be repainted if they’re a neutral color already. Consider a strategic project of painting the moldings. The trim around doors, along with the ceiling and floors and around windows can use a simple white color. Your home appears to have a new paint job when it’s really only part of the property with fresh paint.

Contact Have Paint Brush Will Travel, Inc. today. We serve the West Palm Beach, Florida, area and beyond. Give your home a facelift with brilliant color on practically every wall. It can transform the home with only one project.

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